Blissfull Frolic

What do you get when you mix thousands of colorful blooms and sunshine? A bunch of HAPPY PEOPLE, and a perfect photo-op! Tulip gardens are such a FANTASTIC place for a colorful backdrop! I was at the Woodland Tulip Festival in Washington, and what a beautiful spring day it was. Thousands of delightful tulips; planted with precision, sun-drenched, and ready to be noticed.

the Builder | B+W Selective Series |

Recent exploration of black-and-whites featuring some of the talented craftsmen at Formations Inc. These skilled artisans are the building force behind the outstanding and award-winning exhibits featured thoughout the United States. As a Designer for Formations since 2004, I've met and worked with many of these men, and the work they do always blows me away. Thank you Dion for being the first subject in this collection of black and whites.

Thanksgiving Sunrise

On Thanksgiving morning, I set out at 6am in freezing cold temps, to my secret spot in the "Couv" (as locals call it). With a thermos full of piping-hot coffee I waited and hoped for some magnificent sunrise to take place alongside this fantastic view of Mt. Hood. This location was simply an open field, thirty feet behind some office buildings, and within ten minutes from my house. What unusual locations have you photographed from, that resulted in a fantastic exposure? Of the one-hundred and fifty shots, this combination of three exposures blended in Photomatix is my favorite.